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1- General information

The Open Classroom is a program of the University of Lleida in a short-term course format that is part of the Continuing Education, that is, throughout life.

It is aimed at all those persons over 18 years of age who have an interest and motivation for learning and / or to expand knowledge in a specific subject in the field of culture, science and arts, and who are of legal age.

It is offered with different time modes to better adapt to everyone.


2- Applicants

They can opt for the PDI and PAS of the UdL, but it is also open to people outside the UdL who must certify appropriate qualification for this case (Diploma, Bachelor, Degree, ...) and must have the endorsement of a teacher / of the UdL.

Each applicant may submit one or two proposals at the most, as course coordinator.

The course management will be carried out from the coordination of the Senior Program.


3- Course Characteristics

Period of realization

The period to deliver the courses will run from the first Monday after November 15 until the last Saturday before June 15.


Place of realization

The different sessions will take place at the University Campus of Cappont.

In the case of preference for another Campus of the University of Lleida, it must be specified in the course proposal document.


Teaching spaces

All classrooms will have a computer and projector. In the case of the need for specific classrooms (computer science, laboratories, ...), it must be specified in the course proposal document.

The reservation of teaching spaces will be the responsibility of the secretariat of the Center for Continuing Education.


Course duration

All courses have a duration of eight face-to-face hours, and are recognized with a free choice credit for specific Senior Program qualifications.


Course Schedule

The time slot for teaching courses will go from Monday to Saturday, between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m., with the exception of Saturday, which will end at 1:00 p.m.

The time distribution can be selected from the following proposals:

  • Two hours a day, one day a week
  • Two hours a day, two days a week
  • Four hours a day, one day a week
  • Four hours a day, two days a week
  • Other schedules (check with the Open Classroom managers)


4- Remuneration (without taxes included)

Teaching will be paid at € 30.00 / hour (a total of € 240.00 per course).

The expenses generated by the course are not contemplated, whether they are displacements, fungible materials, ... or others that the course could generate.


5- Obligations of the course coordinator

You must be responsible for:

  • Prepare the course content.
  • Propose, contact and confirm the teaching staff (maximum four teachers per course).
  • Provide information on the characteristics of the course and the teaching staff assigned to the Open Classroom managers, and within the established period.
  • Control student attendance enrolled in the course that coordinates and sign the course record.
  • Submit the attendance sheet and the signed course record, once the course is finished, at the secretariat of the Center for Continuing Education.


6- Documentation

Proposals must be submitted through the standardized form that will be available on the Senior Program website (Open Classroom section), and sent by email to the address:, before September 15 of each course.

Standard form for the Course Proposal


7- Others

The courses that 4 days before their start do not have the minimum enrollment indicated by the Open Classroom managers may be canceled, or postponed to other dates (it is recommended to review the Calendar to coincide as little as possible with the rest of the Classroom courses Open), after being informed of the person responsible for the course.

The minimum number of students enrolled in the course will be 8 persons.

You can seek external financing that will be used to cover educational and academic expenses of the course itself.