Open classroom

General information

Open Classroom is a program of the University of Lleida in a short course format (8 hours = 1ECTS), which is part of the Continuing Education, that is, throughout life.

It is aimed at all those people who have interest and motivation for learning and / or to expand knowledge in a specific subject in the field of culture, science and arts and who are of legal age.

It is offered with different time modes to better adapt to all.

There will be courses offered from October to June and with a wide variety of themes.


Preinscripción y Matrícula

Pre-registration for any of the courses, including those planned for the months of May and June, may be formalized from the moment the registration period opens on October 31.

Pre-registration for any of the Open Classroom courses will be done from the Oberta Classroom Courses page (select the desired course to go to pre-registration). Once the pre-registration for the course has been processed, an email will be received with the necessary information to formalize the registration.

Enrollment for Open Classroom courses will open approximately one month before the start of the course and will remain open until FOUR DAYS BEFORE the start of the course.

A minimum of 8 students are required to begin the course.

The price for each of the courses is € 45.00.

For those who attend, or want to enroll later, the degree of Senior Diploma in Culture, Science, Technology and Society, they will be validated credits obtained by free choice credits up to a maximum of six per academic year.