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Free choice courses

The courses of free choice or transverse, are a series of courses offered by the University of Lleida, as well as other entities, and that are framed in the different services and departments of the university itself.

In the degrees offered by the Senior Program it is necessary to obtain a quantity of credits of this type and that can only be obtained through these courses. In the degree of Senior Diplomate a total of 12 ECTS must be obtained, while in the degree of Senior Specilaist a total of 6 ECTS are required.

Ordinarily, these courses are recognized during the month of March, prior call by the Senior Program coordinator; in an extra-ordinary way, and only in the case of completing any of the qualifications offered by the Senior Program, during the month of September.

Any course referenced below is recognized with free-choice / transversal credits in the Senior Program qualifications. It is necessary for your recognition to present the certificate, which is collected in the same secretariat where the registration has been formalized, where the following data are recorded: student's name, ID number, school year in which the course has been taken and the hours of duration of the course, or its equivalence in credits.




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