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Senior program / General information

These are some of the experiences of the students enrolled in the Senior Program that may be the best samples of the reception it has had.

Jaume Marc Torrent Giné

The audacity to enroll at the age of 66 at the UdL, in Culture, Science and Technology, has been a decision from which I reap tasty fruits, at the same time I check, that having continued walking cornered by the repetitive question: And now What i do...? Well, maybe I wouldn't have gone too far.

Enjoy the sensations achieved in the classrooms of the SENIOR and reflect it here, I confess that it costs; It is hard to find the right words to define the horizon discovered. I can hardly believe that sleeping concerns are becoming giants.

I have delved into subjects. I have enjoyed. I have expanded vocabulary. I have dared to make summaries in Catalan. I have learned to express myself and use the imagination. I have improved reflexes and concentration. I have known new places, new partners. It has been a rewarding course. Nothing to do with the task done left behind. I am satisfied.

Parodying a quote from Forrest Gump, I would like to say that the university experience "has been for me like a box of chocolates", since every time I develop a new lesson, I find a new taste. And it is never bittersweet. And when I leave the Campus I do it with the conviction that, because I learned something new, I can go to sleep. Yes! the fact that I dared to fill in the SENIOR registration of the University of Lleida, has been an important step for the little boy that I am still, made a grandfather without almost realizing it.

I also want to say that before I entered university classrooms, I thought I was a good reader; but after walking through the pages of the agendas taught by a teacher, who did not expect me (because of his excellent human treatment), I understand that I have to choose between persisting in the "naive" reading of books and the same life, or cultivate retirement within the university workshop. And I say this, because I intuit that the projection initiated goes beyond the perception that leads me to reflect on what is important or superfluous, in this newly released jubilee stage.

I had no opportunities to access studies; Not even high school. But today I consider myself fortunate to live the university lifestyle that my family supports, encouraging me to stay in vital action to continue making the path. My way.

I would like to find a way to know how to compensate the “Angel” and the teaching staff and coordination, for everything and therefore 



Rafael Laveda Escolà

The 2008/09 academic year has meant the full integration of students in the Senior Degree, for different reasons that I will try to summarize briefly. The students of this course are the same as those who started these studies three years ago. This data is very significant since, presumably, we will all reach the fourth year; I hope so, and therefore we will continue together until the end.

The subjects taught have been excellent both in the Social Sciences and in the Experimental Sciences. The teachers, of an extraordinary educational level. Timeshares, many and pleasant memories. It should be noted that some classes were not taught in classrooms, but in laboratories and workshops, or in situ, such as cultural visits to Montsec, Tortosa or Tarragona. These activities culminated in the exchange with students of the University of Burgos, to whom we had the pleasure of accompanying the visits to the Seu Vella, the Boi Valley, the Palau de la Paeria ..., and to whom, later, we corresponded traveling to Burgos, where we keep unforgettable memories for your kind and warm attention.

During this third course, all the objectives have been achieved, although we have our sights set on the last course, especially due to the change of location to the Cappont Campus, where we will have better classrooms and better means that will help us reach the end of these Senior Studies, in May 2010. This fact will coincide with the celebration of the XI National Meeting of University Programs for Seniors in our University. 



Mari Moreno Rodríguez

I will never forget that afternoon on the first day of October 2007, when I first crossed the door of the University of Lleida, as a student. I knew that physical space, but I watched everything as if it were new, as if it were very much mine. I had wanted it so much! And now I was there, walking through the halls with property and happy, looking at the cloister and being amazed at "The thinker", the sculpture of Professor Leandro Cristofol, which I had as a child, and of which I still keep, like a jewel, the folder with the drawings he taught me to do.

Being a university student was the pending subject of my life, a dream that was already beginning to fade. That's why when I learned about these studies, designed and adapted to people with a profile that I could fit in, I didn't hesitate; It was my great opportunity and I couldn't let it pass.

We have finished the first course and I must say that the experience has been very positive at all levels. I feel fully satisfied. I encourage the men and women of a generation that we still have a long way to consider as elderly people, who make the most of their time. But let them also know that these studies are not to be distracted or to pass the time. It has to work, let's not forget that it is a university career.

I congratulate the UdL and thank the professors for their professionalism, but, above all, the human treatment they have had with us.

I also thank my colleagues for the support I have received in many moments and the pleasant atmosphere that we have created among all.

But, above all, I have to thank my family, because without them, their help, their encouragement and their patience, none of that would have been possible. 



Jordi Amorós Ortín

The first course is over. How rewarding it has been to reconnect with the flows of culture! It is as if after years of living in a house with a single window, suddenly many open and light enters everywhere. A colleague tells me that it has been like getting hooked back to the network. Nothing to do with studies done in other times. So, the priority objective was to pass the course. The means didn't matter too much, only the end mattered.

Now it has not been like that. I have enjoyed what they explained to me, I have tried to deepen in subjects that interested me, I have prepared the works with much interest, and most importantly: it has filled me with illusion. Truly, I consider myself very fortunate to be able to attend classes and get acquainted with some of the latest advances in science in several branches, to improve my abilities before the computer, to dare to write in Catalan, to see the qualitative leap of my works, both in the form and in the contents, of knowing new passages of our history, of deepening the theories of philosophers, of labeling emotions, of expanding my vocabulary in English and of improving my oral and written expressions .

From what you can see, I have self-esteem through the clouds. The perspective of life has changed me positively. A few days ago I was lucky to make a balloon trip flying over Lleida. I saw La Seo, the University, the Rectorship and the whole city from another point of view. It helped me to better understand the reason for new ways and where the future is heading. These studies are having the same effect on my life: now I look at it from another perspective. Little did I think, when I started, that they would occupy a preferential place in my scale of values. All my environment knows and respects that class hours are a priority for me. I plan to continue enjoying this pleasure that I have discovered. As Epicurus said: No one is too young to start learning or too old to stop. 



Joaquim Nogués Alech

In the middle of last year I was thinking what I would do, as my retirement was approaching. I thought I had to undertake some activity that kept me awake and I live my brain. An advertisement fell into my hands in the newspaper saying that the University of Lleida presented a career for over 50 years and I went to hear what it was. At first, the project was already exciting, but well looked, I thought if I would be able to keep up with that pace. I have to confess that the first days were quite traumatic, because I had to adapt to the rhythm of going to class, taking notes, getting into subjects that I didn't know or had done for many years. But soon I got hooked on Computer Science, Academic Work Methodology, English, History of Catalonia, Catalan, History of Thought, etc. All of this became a necessity, first, to go to class and, afterwards, to enjoy the atmosphere that I found with all the classmates and teachers. I tell everyone, having entered the University of Lleida to study the Senior Degree is one of the best experiences I've had in life. Thank you.   



Ferran Palau Belló

Experts say that when you reach retirement, people who have had a very active professional life, which has led to the establishment of a broad network of social relationships, both personally and professionally, we run the risk of suddenly become a kind of symbolically "invisible" beings, since those are then limited to the family environment and that of the closest friends. It is necessary, then, to have a continuity that allows you to maintain your lifestyle, yes, without the daily work obligations of the previous stage. In my case, starting university studies in the Senior Degree has been helpful in two ways: allowing me to meet some really exceptional colleagues and teachers, while paying off an old debt pending with myself, which at the time, as a young man, The family socioeconomic situation did not allow me to comply: being a university student. A vital experience full of enthusiasm, enthusiasm and a renewed willingness to learn. 



Josep M. Guàrdia Ibars

At the beginning, when I signed up, even when it seemed like an opportunity, the Senior Title gave me some respect. But, in the end, it was just, like everything else in life, another challenge. Now, at the end of the course, I cannot avoid externalizing what I have experienced during these eight months. Being a university student for the first time at the age of sixty and everything that has brought me value is priceless: acquiring new habits, meeting more classmates, enriching myself culturally, awakening new knowledge, discovering subjects that have made me enjoy so much and, what more important, to be able to involve small and large family members in these experiences.

I would like to share this satisfaction with all teachers for their help and tolerance. My expectations have been fulfilled and I have been given more than I expected.   



Rafael Laveda

We have reached the equator of the Senior Title. The completion of the second course is the ideal time to make some considerations about the Program and the teaching staff. His dedication, except for fully justified imponderables, has been full and the response to the students' demands has been commendable. Likewise, the elaboration of the Program in its subjects, all of them currently, offers an excellent balance. The novelty of a pioneering degree at the Spanish University and, especially, in Catalan this course has provided us with a very interesting diversification of content, with positive results. We are sure that this innovative line will follow the next course, without prejudice to teaching quality.

We are more restless and it is fair that we recognize the work and enthusiasm of the teachers who have intervened this second year, since it has become worthy of our thanks and consideration.

We have the feeling that these studies are being consolidated and we are sure that the University of Lleida maintains the objective of approaching those who, due to diverse circumstances, were unable to access higher education. Both this objective and our expectations are being met. 



Joan Nadal

When making the general assessment of this course, only positive aspects come to mind. I learned about the existence of these studies by chance and did not know exactly what they were or if I would like to. And it has been a totally positive and recommendable experience.

The idea of the degree, simply great. Having access to the University, at our age, for the sheer pleasure of learning, is priceless. With regard to the objectives, I can say that they have been fulfilled widely given the variation of topics, all of them interesting and some of them masterfully exposed by the young teachers.

The partners, all of them "some craks". In this university environment, apart from learning about the subjects of each subject, personal experiences and experiences of great educational value for all are also shared.

I take this opportunity to thank all those who have made it possible. 



José M. Muñoz Carrión

I believe that every university has the obligation to have in its program studies destined to a sector of society over 50 years old, which has concluded its working life and demands a new type of training, updated and adapted to its formative concerns and cultural interests. We are in a social sector, essential for the experience we accumulate and that shows a growing interest in acquiring a culture that, perhaps in the past, was not accessed.

Undoubtedly, the society of a few decades ago did not offer as many learning possibilities as the current one. We also find that, although we have had the opportunity to access studies, even university, we have developed a professional life that has not left us much time to complement our training.

My objectives, when enrolling, were based on the enormous predisposition to learn and I did not seek, of course, professional training, but intended to recreate myself in the knowledge. The expectations have been met. And I would like to propose that some subjects be programmed, in some courses, in their theoretical part and in the following ones, in their most practical part.

My experience in the Senior Program demonstrates how the University has understood that it has to be open to all. On the other hand, I believe that, in this program, students bring experience and tradition to the University because I am sure that we are a stimulus for teachers. Teachers to thank for their delivery, then hear them say publicly, to some of them, who were looking forward to their class time with us, so they enjoyed it, says it all.

The difficulties in implementing this program must be an incentive for both the initiators and the Rector. All this will make this University more alive. 



Juan Antonio Labrador

My idea to join the Senior was, above all, to keep up in general culture, which now includes branches that, in my student days, did not exist, at least in the same way as now.

In this regard and in terms of the contents discussed this year, I believe that computer science and English are essential. The subjects of Alternative Energies or Nutrition and Dietetics deal with very important issues for one's life and, in addition, are in the daily debate. The set of Language, Philosophy and Emotional Education are interesting in themselves and also because of their interrelation. For me, the most suggestive and the ones that have moved my attention the most have been Biology and Ecology, without detracting, of course, the quality of all teachers.   



Mª Pilar Aure Durban

Enrolling in the Senior Program was a challenge for me, full of fears and questions. For more than thirty years, my life had elapsed between work, home and family, but I felt that my mind was, how to say, "rusty." The experience has not been more rewarding, from day one.

The subjects, I would say that they have been very well chosen, on very current and very welcome topics. From the teaching staff ... what am I going to say about them! If we all wanted to learn, they, many more to transmit their knowledge with great enthusiasm.

Peer relationships have been unbeatable. We have created a large group, very united, that has managed to save our socio-cultural differences, such as ages, status and training levels.

For all this experience, I want to thank the UdL, which, with its effort, has made it possible, allowing people like me, with more than half a century lived, have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and feel that there is still a A long way to go. 



Mª Isabel Fañanás

I have no doubt that I would like to continue in this Program in order to continue expanding my knowledge in the different topics discussed and still to be addressed.



Rafael Laveda

I would like to congratulate the University of Lleida, in general and, in particular, the Rector's Office and the Faculty of Letters and their collaborators, for this first Grau Sènior in Culture, Science and Technology.

As the course comes to an end, I would like to take stock. My overall rating for the Program is excellent. Both teachers and subjects have been very good. In the suggestions chapter, I would like to propose the possibility of having notes or texts in advance on each of the subjects. This would help lighten class hours. I think you can expect that, given the beginnings, everything will be even better in the next courses. 



Xavier Figuerol

With these studies that I have started this course, I can say that, in general, my expectations have been fulfilled and in a very positive way. These were:

  • Reason and deepen topics already studied as a young person, for example, the History of Philosophy.
  • Make new reflections, from a broader vital picture, for the experiences lived throughout life.
  • Have a current vision of science: new research, new paths. We have done this with the subjects of Biology, Alternative Energies, Ecology ... And even, also in the field of emotional intelligence; With this matter I have been positively surprised by the importance that is given today. And we have enjoyed all this with this program. 



Marcel Rius

I feel really happy to be contemplated as one more student of the University of Lleida. And this Program has made it possible. 



Ramon Mora Gabàs

I enrolled in this Program by chance, advised by a friend, and I can say that I do not regret it. That the University opens its doors to the elderly seems to me to be a great idea and to do so through regulated studies seems commendable.

The Senior Program has allowed me to get to know closely the University where my daughters have been trained and, thus, to understand some of their problems, their successes, also their failures, and, above all, the enthusiasm they could feel during their training.

Having the time and mind occupied, experiencing the satisfaction that yours feel, their curiosity to know what you do, how are the classes, subjects, teachers, classmates, all this has been an important enrichment both personally and culturally .

And the teaching taught by teachers has allowed me to enjoy most of the time. Simply thanks. 



José Luis Cifuentes Domingo

Integrating myself in the Senior has been tremendously enriching, motivating and, in a way, as a reunion, a revival of memories of when, for the years 60-70, I was a university student for the first time.

What a fabulous experience now !: again, take notes; again, inform me and consult, although in a different way; to be able to say again: "I have classmates"; Go to class again. And, above all, to get involved in something serious, which is not a done thing to do; which is not, as I feared in my first year of retirement, "fill my leisure time with whatever". No, this is something more important, so much, that I don't do it to get anything in return, such as a title, but simply to "empower myself" more. That empowerment contains actions such as: training and instructing me; exchange information; socialize and have fun; know and collaborate; experience and exercise the mind; play to be young; recover memories; and so many more things ...

But, most importantly: think about the future. Yes, in the future. People like me, who are no longer in their sixties, have a future. For all this, I congratulate myself sovereignly and congratulate all those, be they people or institutions, who have had the excellent idea of ​​launching this “Senior University”.

This is the opinion of a graduate in Philosophy and Letters, retired and, above all, teacher. 



Ana Mª Pérez Cavero

When I enrolled, I didn't know exactly the content of the Program, but I thought that whenever I could learn something, it would be beneficial. Because of my concerns and wanting to be up to date, this has been very good for me. I also want to highlight the importance of interpersonal relationships with colleagues, very enriching.

Having the illusions and concerns of when you were a student again motivates you and integrates you into the university society. For me it has been a very positive experience.