The UdL & l'AEPUM

Senior program / General information

Since 2004, the year of its creation, the UdL is part of the group of 31 universities that constitute the State Association of University Programs for Seniors (AEPUM). The main objective of this association is to achieve the visibility of these programs at the state and political level, in order to reach their consolidation. It must be taken into account that, at the moment, 53 universities of the Spanish State have implemented and maintain these programs. At this time, the AEPUM has implemented several actions with the purpose of obtaining the homologation of the titles, addressed to both state and university political institutions in general.

One of these initiatives has been the realization of a research project, entitled "Analysis and evaluation of university programs for seniors (AEPUMA)", led by the University of Alicante and in which we participated 15 universities, which, in the month of July 2005 we jointly present the call for the National Program of Technologies for Health and Welfare and Social, Economic and Legal Sciences, within the framework of the National Plan for Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation (2004-2007), of IMSERSO.

At this time, we can say that the project has been successfully completed, because, among all the participating universities (in working groups) we have developed an in-depth analysis of the different programs for older people that exist in the Spanish State and in Europe, with The objective of making this reality known and, at the same time, proposing, for the most immediate future, joint lines of action that derive from the analysis performed.

On May 24, 2007, the results of this research were presented publicly, in a Scientific Conference: "Ongoing training in the European strategy: analysis and evaluation of university education for adults in Spain and Europe", which took place in the General Directorate of IMSERSO in Madrid. This year, the publication will appear with all the data of this analysis and the results.

The participation of the UdL in this project and its membership in the association has allowed us to know first hand the reality of this type of programs in other universities in a very detailed way, which has been an added value and very important to be able to design the program and curriculum according to the criteria and instruments tested already in other places, and, of course, with the security that this knowledge has brought us.

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